Consider Becoming An Auction Representative

Auctions can be fast paced and incredibly fun to attend. The fact that the auction is such a fast paced and energetic place, makes it a fun, challenging, yet rewarding place to work. While it may not be the what you thought you wanted to do when you grew up, it can be the right job for you, and you may find that you really enjoy being part of the team that makes the auction work. There are a lot of different people and jobs that are behind the scenes. These jobs and people are the people that make an auction run so smoothly. You should consider being a auction representative for a large auction. Here are just a few aspects of the job, and rest assured, if you enjoy fast pace and multitasking it may be the perfect job for you. 


One of the roles that you may have as a auction representative is to make sure that the transportation of the sold goods are delegated to an auction or a vendors. This is going to ensure that the the purchased goods make it home to the rightful owner. There are many different parts of this job. Depending on the size of the object, you may end up having to obtain a flat bed pickup truck. If the items are smaller and can be handled, transportation directly to the new owner can be arranged. However, the good must first be checked and the money paid for the object. 

Phone Calls

You may have the role of answering incoming phone calls of those that are wanting to make a bid. This is a very exciting job as you can be a mediator between the auctioneer and the client. You will also have to have a very good knowledge of each piece that will be going up for auction. When a potential buyer decides to call in they may be asking specific questions, and depending on the type of auction you will be able to answer the questions. It does not look good if the auction representative does not have a solid understanding of each and every single piece going up for sale. Imagine going to the doctor and asking the nurse a question that they do not know the answer to. That does not give a lot of confidence, and the same can be said of an auction representative