What You Should Know In The Event You Need To Post Bail

Following an arrest, it is usually a standard procedure for a judge to issue a bail judgment. This judgment will outline the bail that is required of the defendant to be able to leave jail. For those that are unfamiliar with the process of paying bail, it can be easy to find the entire experience intimidating, but understanding this process can help you with managing this stressful situation.

Is It Possible For The Bond To Still Be More Than You Can Afford?

It can be a common situation where the bail amount demanded by the courts is far more than what the defendant is able to pay. In these situations, a bail bonding service can be one of the best options for allowing individuals to post bail as they will only require a fraction of the total bail amount to issue the bond. Unfortunately, individuals that are particularly financially limited may find that the bonding amount is still more than what they can afford. When this is the case, it is possible to petition to have the bail amount reduced to better reflect the economic status of the defendant.

What Type Of Credit And Background Check Is Required When Using A Bonding Service?

For those that find themselves needing the services of a bail bondsman, it can be easy to assume that using these services will be similar to obtaining other forms of financing. In particular, individuals will commonly assume that they will have to undergo a credit and background check before one of the bonds will be issued. However, these services do not typically require these steps as long as the person needing the bond is able to pay the fee and provide sufficient collateral.

What Is The Process For Determining The Amount Of Collateral That You Will Have To Provide?

A key point of bail is that the defendant must be present for the court proceedings or the bail that was posted will be forfeited to the courts. As a result, bail bondsmen will want to take steps to secure the bails that they post with collateral. The type of collateral that is requested and the amount can vary greatly from one bail bondsman to another. This can make it advantageous for individuals to speak with multiple bonding services. For example, some bail bonding services may not accept certain items for collateral due to them being difficult to sell, such as jewelry. By speaking with several providers, you can find one that will be best suited to work with your particular situation.

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