Tips For Having A Successful Estate Sale

Are you taking over a home for a friend or family member that has recently passed away? If so, you may be wondering what to do with their home that has so many things in it that you do not need. The solution is to host an estate sale so that you can make a profit off of these items. Here are some tips that will help your estate sale go smoothly.

Separate The Items You Don't Want Sold

Chances are that there are going to be some things in the home that you want to keep, but don't have the ability to move out just yet. It will help to collect all of these items and put them into a single room so that there is no confusion about what cannot be sold. You should then place a lock on this door so that people cannot accidentally go into it and browse items that are not for sale. 

The goal should be that everything out in the open in the home is something that can be purchased. If you have certain items that cannot be purchased, it will create confusion with people walking through the home. If something is installed in the home and not moving, you can put a sign over the item saying that it is not for sale

Assign Prices To Everything

It may be a tedious job, but you need to assign prices to everything. If not, you'll be constantly answering questions about how much things cost. No prices can also cause people to not make a purchase since they do not know the final price. 

A helpful tip for pricing things at an estate sale is to use color coded stickers for cheap items. Instead of taking the time to write a specific price on many items, you can just make a sign that says all blue stickers are items being sold for $1, green stickers are $2, etc. 

Bigger items can have specific prices listed on them. You can also create signs for large groups of items, such as clothing, which would be difficult to price individually.

Hire An Estate Sale Company

It is possible to hire a company to run the estate sale for you. These companies, such as Remember When Estate Sales, LLC, can help assign prices, take payments for items, and even negotiate with people trying to get a deal. They have the experience with these types of sales to ensure that everything goes smoothly.