This Is How You Bail Somebody Out Of Jail

The idea of a loved one going to jail can be terrifying. If you are upset because somebody you love has been arrested, you may be sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what you should do next.

These are the steps you should know about bail bonds so that you can help your loved one get out of jail as quickly as possible.

Wait It Out

The first thing you have to do is wait. Bail must be set within a specific period of time, but if your loved one was arrested over a holiday weekend, the process for bail to be set can be longer than you would expect. You will have to wait for the arraignment in most cases.

See If You Can Pay in Full

One of the first things you might try to do is pay the bail in full. For example, the judge might set bail at $10,000, which you might have in your account. You will get this money back after your loved one returns to court for criminal court proceedings. If you have the cash on hand, you can pay the bail in full. If not, you have other options.

Check Out a Bail Bond

A bail bond can help you if you are not able to pay in full. For example, the cost will be a percentage of the bail instead of the full amount. For example, you might not have $10,000 to post bail, but you may have $1,000. The bail bond company will help you cover the rest, but you will forfeit this fee.

Say you do not have any cash at all. What can you do then? Well, you may be able to put up property as collateral. For example, you might be able to put up some cash and the title to your car if you own it outright.

Ensure Your Loved One Gets to Court

If you do post bail for somebody else, it is your responsibility to ensure that they make it back to court for their criminal hearing. Missing even a single hearing could mean that you face financial consequences, like losing your vehicle. If your loved one shows up for court, this is not a problem.

Do you want to get your loved one out of jail quickly? A bail bond professional is the key to getting out quickly. Call a bail bond service near you today to discuss your bail options.