Two Reasons To Join A Credit Union In Your Local Community

Some people consider opening a bank account to be a critical rite of passage into adulthood. When you have a bank account you're able to have your wages direct deposited on payday, you can write checks to pay bills, and you gain access to a debit card to be used for daily expenses. Maybe you currently have an account with a national bank but are starting to feel a bit dissatisfied. Switching over to a local credit union comes with great perks that you don't want to sleep on. Take a look at why you should visit a credit union today.

Become More Than Just A Number At A Credit Union

Banking with national financial agencies can sometimes make you feel completely unnoticed. Each time you have an issue with your account you typically have to go through an entire series of prompts before you're able to reach a live person on the phone. It's frustrating to be constantly rerouted when you mistakenly press the wrong number as you try to find the one that fits your particular problem. If you've ever had to deal with this kind of situation you probably remember just how frustrating it can be!

Moving over to a local credit union is a very humanizing experience. Instead of having to call a long-distance phone number, you simply pop into your local branch after work to speak with someone in-person. You might even become so familiar with the representatives in your community that they begin to know you on a first-name basis. It's a completely different environment that you may find more to your liking.

Get Better Rates On Loans 

Credit unions are known for offering incredible interest rates on loans and savings accounts. When you put money in your account, you want to achieve the greatest return on your investment that you possibly can. When you bank with a credit union, you can generally expect to accrue more interest than you would at a national bank. This makes your money go further and allows you to accumulate more cash in a shorter period of time.

Also, if you need a car loan or mortgage you could qualify for a much lower interest rate at a local credit union. The loan officers may look at much more than just your raw credit score and this could put you right where you need to be for an optimal rate.

Credit unions are there to serve people just like you. Make a trip to your nearest branch and get signed up right away.